MoonHouse Studio Equipment List


Avid ProTools HDX v.11
Mac Pro
Thunderbolt display
Waves Gold AAX plugins
Waves GTR3 guitar amps and stomp boxes
Celemony Melodyne
Waves Abbey Road plugins
Line 6 Amp Farm
Digidesign, Eventide, Chandler,
SoundToys plugins
Serato Pitch 'n Time
Antares Auto-tune, Avox Punch and Choir

24 Channels of CM Automation MotorMix

Mic pres and mics:

FMR Really Nice Preamps (10 channels)
FMR Really Nice Compressors (5)
API lunch box 2 channel mic pres and eq
Mackie 1604 mixer

Neumann M-147 tube microphone
AT4050 microphone
AKG 414 microphone
Sennheiser MD 421 (2)
Audio-Technica Pro-25 microphone
Shure SM-81 microphones (2)
Rode NT5 microphones (2)
Shure SM-57 (4)
SM-58 (4) microphones


Mackie MH824  speakers
Hear Talkback headphone system
Sennheiser Pro280 headphones (5)
Sony MDR-7506 headphones (4)
Whirlwind SAT-1 Headphone boxes (5)
Alesis RA300 power amps (2)

Outboard gear:

Lexicon LXP-1 digital reverb
Lexicon LXP-5 digital multi-effector
Rane  1/3 octave stereo equalizer
DBX compressor
Effectron III digital delay
Crown 150 power amp


1960's Baldwin 7 ft. grand piano
Hammond C-3 with Leslie 122
Wurlitzer 200 electric piano
Suitcase Rhodes
1965 Fender Strat
1969 Les Paul goldtop
Fender Telecaster
Gibson ES-125 archtop
Gibson Les Paul Jr.
Taylor 810 acoustic
Gibson J-50 acoustic
Godin nylon string
Jerry Jones baritone guitar
Fender precision bass guitar
Elka accordion
Beltuna 72 bass accordion
Roland master midi controller
Emu Emax

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